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We're living in times of crisis and change.

What does it take to change this story?

We are Kickstart Social Supermarket

Operating under LCC Community Trust in Lisburn, Kickstart Social Supermarket is an innovative scheme aimed at those struggling with food poverty. Our goal is to provide the practical and emotional tools to help our clients kickstart positive change, and since opening our doors in January of 2018 we have supported over 400 families in Northern Ireland with food and wrap-around care.


One-to-one sessions provided monthly


Referral agency partners


Families supported each year

What We Do


Reduce Food Waste

We buy in reduced priced food and receive ‘almost out of date’ donations from supermarkets which we pass on to our clients at a reduced fee.


Raise Awareness

Our goal is to raise awareness of food poverty in our Nation, working with local councils and agencies to make lasting change for good. 


Build A Community

We are more than classes and food, we are a like-minded community of individuals and families trying to change the story of food poverty.

How It Works...

Clients can be referred through one of our 80 referral agencies or can self-refer via the phone on 07756965868. Once completing an initial needs-assessment with our staff we then create a personal goal plan for each client. This plan includes one-to-one mentoring, group classes and access to reduced price food.


Our budgeting course helps clients identify spending habits and gives tips on how to manage their money better.

We offer clients a range of classes including cookery, crafts, Mums & Tots, Parenting Skills and a host of other events happening in our centre. The team from ‘make the call’ attend our centre once a week to offer benefit advice to our clients.


And finally we also buy in reduced price food and receive donations from supermarkets which we can then pass on to our clients at a reduced cost.

Our 360 approach aims to provide the practical and emotional tools to help our clients kickstart positive change in their lives!

If you need help, or would like to give help or find out more then get in touch at

“I know I could walk in here any time needing to talk, and there would be someone there at a drop of a hat."


1-3 Graham Gardens

Co. Antrim



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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

9:30 am – 3:30 pm



(Shop Days are Thu & Fri by appointment)

Did you know

Kickstart Social Supermarket is part of a wider organisation of community based projects and initiatives which all fall under the umberella of LCC Community Trust.

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